Hey there! 

My name is Erica Sommermann, and welcome to Apricosa! I started writing this blog as a way to share my enjoyment of healthy California cooking, with experiences, recipes, and tips drawn from my Italian and German heritage, my garden, and good times with friends.  Now in recent years, I'm excited to share with you about the cuisine of Korea as well!  I hope what you read here encourages and inspires you in your own kitchen and pursuit of a healthy lifestyle that is mindfully aware of the global community we belong to.

Having lived
in Santa Barbara, California for over 2 decades, my cooking has been influenced by the huge availability of fresh produce both from the family garden (oranges, persimmons, pears, avocados, and more) and from the bounty of the surrounding Santa Barbara area (strawberries, wines, olives, and more!).

After getting hooked on Korean food a number of years ago, I dove into learning how to make my favorite dishes at home (which you can see from the growing "Korean" section of my recipe index)Since that time, I've had the opportunity to live and travel extensively throughout East Asia (I heart Taiwan!), and now I'm living in Busan, South Korea, where I can continue to indulge in the savory dishes and the myriad of delicious mountain vegetables that I love so much.  My cooking adventures are decidedly influenced by the food that surrounds me here, and my culinary style is evolving.

For better or worse, my dear Apricosa blog has also been evolving.  It all started as a way for me to maintain life balance as I pushed through years of research in a biology PhD program.  As I the years went by, I noticed that Apricosa became less of a place for me to simply write about recipes and more of a space where I could play with light, composition, and photography.  My joy multiplied as I could finally start to show my readers how lovely the food tastedI also recognized my growing passion for Korean food, bolstered in no small way by my love for international cultures and heart for cross-cultural reconciliation within the United StatesI started spinning dreams of how my nascent foodography skills and my humble blog could contribute towards a greater awareness and appreciation for others in this era of globalization.

Unfortunately, my foodography progress was halted--actually, it experienced quite a setback--when the necessity of earning my daily bread pressed in on me.  Landing an exciting job in biotech (focusing on oncolytic virus therapy research and product development) here in Korea--via San Francisco--I've had to leave my food photography equipment, props, and kitchen gear all packed away in storage in southern California.  However, while I don't have my equipment (not even my dear DSLR) along with me, I am soaking up inspiration from the food I eat and hope you find inspiration here for your own culinary adventures.

~ ~ ~

About my blog's name: I've chosen the name Apricosa as an allusion to an apricot tree that once grew in my family's lovely California garden. This tree symbolizes the value I have for natural, local foods, as each summer my family used to make our year's supply of apricot jam from its fruit. The golden blush of the apricot fruit also represents to me the warmth of the summer sun which I enjoy so much....I am, after all, a Sommermann!